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Winnie Liang

"Nothing is can not do. Believe yourself and it will succeed"



Dance Fitness




Zumba, Standard First-aid, CPR, AED

Years of Teaching Experience



Dancing is my only hobby and therefore I've started to pursued into this dance fitness career adhoc basis and became my passion. I have experienced in company's stage performance like singing and dancing since year 2008. To become a dance instructor is my dream and its came true got the instructor license in Feb 2020. During the pandemic period I have attended a lot of zoom session in different kinds of workout including oversea zumba or salsation. I have lead half season for zoom classes. Have few experience leading for Outdoor park workouts session as well. Being an instructor, I objective is other than master up y dancing skill, I also want to guide students how to dance using the basic steps guide especially for beginners. I would also like to teach intense workout for those who already in the intermediate level. Nowadays, health awareness is most important key in Singapore, so I hope I could do some contribution in the future.

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