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Yi Xiu Chan

"Tough Times Don't Last, Tough People Do"




VPS coaching Cert, SFA coaching cert

Years of Teaching Experience



At just 22 years old, I have 7 years of competitive basketball playing experience, 11 years of recreation experience and assistant coaching experience in various clubs, I'll do my best to bring the school's basketball team to greater heights. I am committed to building a fun and united team, a cohesive unit with camaraderie like no other. My coaching philosophy is to build a respectful and humble team. I held high regards in an individual moral values and principles. I strongly believe that humility builds one’s character as when someone is humble, many other values will follow suit. While winning is important and motivating, it is not everything. I hope to let them know that the journey matters more as it builds their character as an individual. The hard work and dedication they put into their craft, and doing their best is what matters most. Lastly, by instilling moral values to my athletes I hope to achieve something far beyond the column of winning and losing - a character-defining team. Athletes I coached are all down-to-earth and respectful to their families, teachers, and peers.

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