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Yu Poh Leng

"Health > Wealth"


Aqua Aerobics


Fitness Aqua


Certificate in Aqua Aerobic Exercise Instructor by FISAF Certificate in Active Aging by FISAQ First Aid and AED by Red Cross

Years of Teaching Experience



Poh Leng, who loves water sports, is an experienced swimmer, and scuba diver, with more than 500 dives. She is a certified Aqua Aerobic Instructor by F ISAF International and has a Senior Fitness Certificate by the same organisation too. An advocate on the merits of aqua exercises – for the young and old - Poh Leng decides to share this love by plunging into a second career in aqua fitness at 54. #wokesenior Classes: Aqua Aerobics, Deep Water Aqua Aerobics (love this!), 1-on-1 Aqua Exercise class

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