Outdoor Classes

Coaches and instructors registration

Coaches and instructors who are interested to lead outdoor classes of up to 50 pax* (1 - 50 pax, inclusive of instructors/assistants), will need to be registered under a framework which is jointly administered by Sport Singapore and agency partners such as NParks and People’s Association before the classes can take place. 

Registration can be done using the form below. An email response will be given within three working days. Successfully registered coaches and instructors must have a digital copy of the email as proof of successful registration, and for it to be shown to any Enforcement Officers or Safe Distancing Ambassadors, upon request. 

Registered coaches and instructors will be responsible for ensuring that safe management measures are put in place and adhered to during the classes. These measures include temperature and symptoms screening, safe distancing, and maintaining a list of participants in venues using SafeEntry. Coaches and instructors, as well as their participants, must follow the stipulated safe management measures as well as any other conditions stipulated by the facility owner. More information on safe management measures for sport and physical exercises/activities can be found here.

Enforcement Officers and Safe Distancing Ambassadors will continue to conduct inspections. Instructors and class participants who do not comply with safe management measures may face penalties under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020. Errant instructors may also be de-registered and barred from conducting exercise classes under this framework. 

Approved instructors who wish to book newly opened spaces in Sport Singapore facilities can do so at myactivesg.com. For the use of venues such as parks and HDB common areas, instructors will have to seek approval from the respective venue owner (e.g. NParks and Town Councils) and abide by their venue regulations. For the use of NParks’ venues, registered instructors can submit their application at https://go.gov.sg/group-exercise-parks. For classes at HDB common areas, instructors should approach the respective Town Councils for bookings. 

Check your registration application status here

Approved instructors who wish to book venues may seek approval from the respective venue owners via the links below.

  1. Sport Singapore
  2. NParks
  3. PA
  4. NEA

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*updated based on revised Safe Management Measures announced here


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