Re-Energise Yourself in 7 Days

Welcome to the 7-Day Re-Energise Yourself Journey

Working from home has become the new norm. There are benefits (no commute!), but there are also downsides that come with working from home. It is so easy to get caught up in your work that before you know it, you’ve been in front of your laptop for 10 hours and all your meals were delivered to your doorstep!

Working from home also tends to blur the lines between work and rest such that most of us find ourselves working longer hours. Taking breaks in between work and decompressing after work are essential in maintaining a good work-life balance.

It’s also so important to stay active and eat healthy as it improves your well-being and makes you feel great. We’ve curated a 7-Day journey to help you get some exercise in, take a breather from screen time, and de-stress a little.

Come join in the fun and get your e-badge when you complete and check in at the end of your 7-day journey!

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