(Special video summary of the 2-month long Focus Group Discussions with public and stakeholders)


Close to 200 participants across 64 organizations and 57 sports disciplines participated in the Safe Sport focus group discussions from Mar 2021 – May 2021. This is the 2nd phase of the 3-phased engagement series with community and experts in furthering efforts in Safe Sport, which is defined by the International Olympic Committee as “an athletic environment that is respectful, equitable and free from all forms of harassment and abuse”.

The sessions encompassed views regarding the Safe Sport Unified Code – which defines types of misconduct and seeks to harmonize organizational rules regarding Safe Sport in Singapore. 8 different stakeholder groups were consulted, including athletes, coaches, parents, sport administrators, safeguarding officers and organizational leaders. Concerns within the para sports community and commercial sport programme and facility providers were also heard. Topics ranged from which behaviours constitute to misconduct, role of an independent case management unit and considerations specific to the Para Sports community.

“I believe in the idea that every athlete deserves to train and compete on a level playing field, in a safe and respectable environment. It is our part to help educate, create more awareness, and work together towards a Unified Code. I strongly believe that every athlete should be given the chance to train and compete in a safe and respectable environment, only then can they truly excel and realize their potential.” said Ms Shayna Ng, TeamSG bowler.

Currently, all National Sports Associations are required to appoint a safeguarding officer for their sport. In future, sport organizations have the opportunity to become a member of the Safe Sport Programme when they formally adopt the code. Elly Tan, Safeguarding Officer said, “The Programme and code shall be an avenue for ALL sporting stakeholders to feel safe while engaging in sporting activities and businesses. All human beings deserve to enjoy sports in a safe environment.”

More info on the findings of the focus groups and progress of the consultations can be found in go.gov.sg/safesportprog. The next and final phase will involve key stakeholders coming together to agree and endorse the Unified Code.