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Photo: Randi Ang/Team Nila

At Team Nila, we are not just a sport volunteering platform, but rather as a force for good for members to develop their passions and give back to the community.


Today, we're featuring an urban farming initiative by our Team Nila volunteers at Toa Payoh Sports Centre, led by Kamalludin Rabu and Aileen Goh. 


This initiative was started by the 2 gardening enthusiasts in 2019 with the support of Sport SG staff to set up a small greenhouse near the archery grounds for their urban farm. 


Since then, it has grown from strength to strength, expanding to 2 greenhouses, 4 planter areas and a small aquaponics set up! 


Together with their small team of like-minded volunteers to tend to their crops, they have managed to (literally) reap the fruits of their labour and has donated a portion of their harvest to Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home for a couple of times.


In the spirit of Friendship, they shared their urban farming knowledge generously with other Team Nila volunteers such as Mohamed Sabirulla and his friends who were interested to set up a Team Nila urban farm at Clementi Sports Complex.


If you have an idea for improving Singapore's sporting scene or just giving back to the community in general, do email to team_nila@sport.gov.sg and join our big Team Nila family via teamnila.sg


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Photo: Randi Ang/Team Nila


Photo: Randi Ang/Team Nila

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Photo: Randi Ang/Team Nila


Photo: Randi Ang/Team Nila

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