By Charlene Lim 

GetActive! Singapore is a nation-wide celebration of National Day through sport. 2021 was the sixth edition of the campaign, and it was certainly an eventful celebration this year! 

Despite the then ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, Singaporeans were excited to join in our array of digital events and activities. It was the perfect chance for everyone to #PlayOnPlayTogether while enjoying the health benefits of staying active! 

Along this line of thinking, this year’s GetActive! Singapore campaign featured a fun and inclusive line-up of activities – from sports festivals and competitions at community spaces and ActiveSG centres, to online challenges and movements designed to support an active lifestyle. 


GetActive! Singapore Launch Event

This year’s GetActive! Singapore campaign kicked off with a digital launch event, where Singaporeans joined us over Zoom to hear all about the fun festivities in store. SportsSG CEO Lim Teck Yin introduced the campaign and emphasised how important staying active is for our physical and mental wellbeing. 

The event also shared a preview of the Dance of the Nation tutorial, calling Singaporeans to show their national pride through active dance. 

As this year’s celebrations also coincided with the Tokyo Olympics, Team Nila shared heartwarming messages of encouragement for our Team Singapore Olympians, cheering them on as they competed on the Olympic stage.

Dance of the Nation

From young kids to senior citizens, Singaporeans of all ages sang and danced along to the dance remix of the National Day theme song – “The Road Ahead”.

Students learned the moves in their Physical Education (PE) lessons at school. Others picked it up from friends and influencers on social media. The dance became a quick hit, and many submitted videos of themselves grooving along to the energising beat and inspiring lyrics. 


As Team Singapore athletes gave it their best at the Tokyo Olympics, little tykes closer to home were getting faster, fitter and more active with the Kiddolympics 2021! 

They learned fundamental movement skills through modified exercises like bear crawls, ball dribbling, gymnastics and more. 

All this culminated in an exciting finale, as the children joined in a Virtual Torch Relay Ceremony, passing the Kiddolympic torch from school to school. 

In total, 600 pre-schools and over 65,000 pre-schoolers, parents and educators were involved in this year’s Kiddolympics, making it a huge success!

Seniors’ Sports Day


Older Singaporeans also had their go at fun sporting celebrations at the inaugural Seniors’ Sports Day, with specially curated sports for those aged 40 years and above. These included Pickleball, TTX Table Tennis, and Qigong virtual workshops, ending with an epic finale over Zoom to celebrate National Day with a virtual workout.

Seniors at senior activity centres, day care centres and nursing homes also had fun participating in more than 8 sports in a phygital event!

Together, Seniors’ Sports Day saw 18,000 participants and achieved more than 1.1 million minutes of physical activity, far surpassing the original goal of 56,000 minutes!


A big thank you to everyone for the amazing live and virtual participation in all the GetActive! Singapore events. It was heartening to see Singaporeans of all ages, from all walks of life come together to celebrate National Day and showcase the strong and resilient Singapore Spirit. We look forward to another exciting celebration with everyone next year!

In the meantime, stay active with the suite of virtual activities available at