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(Greendale Secondary's Class of 2022 Fencers. Photo Credit : Greendale Secondary School)


By Pearlyn Koh 

Having won several titles at the annual National School Games (NSG) and Novices Fencing Championships in recent years, Fencing is undoubtedly one of the most high-performing CCAs in Greendale Secondary School.

While the fast pace of Fencing develops the agility and coordination of student athletes, its intensity also improves their focus and self-control. Furthermore, being both a team and individual sport - Fencing also teaches student-athletes to work as a team, but also learn to be independent when the need arises.

And for some student-athletes of the Greendale Fencing team, being independent was especially key during the Circuit Breaker period back in 2020, when physical CCA sessions shifted online and student-athletes had to count on their own.

Recently, we caught up with Aisyah Binte Amin of the Greendale Fencing team, through a recorded Zoom call, to find out more about her team’s preparations for the 2022 NSG (Watch Interview Below!).

We also spoke to Mr Augustine Seah, Teacher-in-charge of the team through an email interview, to understand the school’s legacy in the sport.

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(Pre-NSG Zoom Interview with Greendale Sec's Aisyah Binte Amin. Video Credit : Pearlyn Koh)


Email interview with Mr Augustine Seah, Teacher-in-charge of Fencing at Greendale Secondary School


Q1. How long have you been the teacher-in-charge for Fencing at your school?

I have been the teacher-in-charge for Fencing for 10 years.

Q2. Over the years that you have been teacher-in-charge, what has been the proudest moment for you?

The proudest moment has been to see the seniors laying the foundation for the juniors over the years, inspiring them to go beyond individual successes such as being selected to age group National Team and medals to a team effort in the C Division Girls Overall Bronze during the NSG in 2019.

Q3. How many NSG titles has Greendale Sec claimed in Fencing?

So far, we have clinched a C Division Girls Overall Bronze during the NSG in 2019.

NSG 2019 Group photo

(2019 C Div Bronze Medal winners from Greendale. Photo Credit : Greendale Sec)


Q4. How does your school manage to consistently perform well in Fencing over the years?

It definitely comes from the hard work, dedication and sacrifices of the students to go the extra mile in terms of managing their time, energy and resources, as well as the tireless efforts of the coaches and teachers, as well as the support and encouragement of the school and parents.

Q5. How often is your school’s Fencing training?

We usually train 3 times a week.

Sabre photo

(Sabre Fencing at Greendale Sec. Photo Credit : Greendale Sec)


Q6. How do you think the sport of fencing has shaped your students into better individuals?

The values, attitude, character and bonds forged through training, competitions and in the CCA are valuable experiences that cannot be taught in the classrooms alone. And the process of putting in the effort and to step out of their comfort zone to take the opportunities made available to them is more important than results and the outcome. These are life lessons indeed!


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Sport Singapore would like to Thank the school principal, students, teachers and parents from Greendale Secondary School, for their kind assistance and responses towards this NSG preview. This article would not have been possible without their invaluable input and comments. And we wish Greendale Sec's Fencers, the Best of Luck, Success and Safety in their 2022 National School Games campaign :) 


Pearlyn Koh has been playing Table Tennis competitively for 9 years. She is a 4-time Champion at the National School Games, over a period of 6 years. And she's currently a member of the National Team and has represented Singapore at several major tournaments, including the 2018 Asian Games and World Table Tennis Championships. In 2019, Pearlyn was also the sole Southeast Asian player to enter the Top 16 at the Asian Junior & Cadet Table Tennis Championships. During her free time, Pearlyn enjoys reading and catching up with her friends.