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GetActive! Singapore AEP

As Singaporeans adapt to the new normal, GetActive! Singapore 2020 (GASG 2020) is set to once again celebrate our nation’s birthday through sport with this year’s National Day Parade’s theme of “Together, for a Stronger Singapore.” The annual national campaign leads up to the nation’s birthday with a flurry of activities for people from all walks of life to connect and express their shared commitment to our future. Technology will feature strongly as a key enabler in this year’s GASG, with most activities delivered virtually. For competitive activities, participants can pitch their skills either individually or in teams.

“GetActive! Singapore 2020 will continue to enable our people to connect as one and celebrate the nation’s birthday. It has been a challenging year, but it has given us the impetus to develop creative and diverse ways for the community to stay active, while practising safe distancing. We hope that GetActive! Singapore will inspire all Singaporeans to get moving, aspire to live better and stay strong and united,” said Chief Executive Officer of SportSG Lim Teck Yin.

GASG 2020 Photo/ Video Contest

With most of GASG this year delivered digitally, Singaporeans are encouraged to connect on social media by uploading photos and videos of themselves in national colours, participating in the GASG workout or related activities such as virtual classes or races. Participants should tag #GetActiveSG in their photo and video uploads and stand a chance to win attractive prizes in this inaugural contest, which will run from 24 July to 7 August. 55 winners will walk away with more than $4000 worth of vouchers. Details are available on

GASG 2020 Workout

Participants of this year’s GASG workout can look forward to an exciting re-mix of this year’s National Day Parade’s theme song, “Everything I Am” arranged by award-winning music director, composer and producer, Don Richmond. Sharing his experience, Mr Richmond said, “This year’s theme song is a very heartfelt number with simple lyrics. The focus of the remix was to retain the sincerity and feel of the message. Technically, it was quite a task as the song is a slow number and relatively quiet in its expression and musical form, so the challenge was balancing it with something you can work out to, whilst retaining the original feel. Overall, I think it managed to capture the meaning of the song while making the country move”.

Incorporating signature moves from the past four years of workouts, as well as adaptations from the Great Singapore Workout, GASG 2020 workout is suitable for all. The workout is available at and will be an accompaniment to the NDP@Home celebrations on 9 August

GASG 2020 Active Enabler Programmes (AEP)

One of the key components of GASG is the Active Enabler Programme (AEP). It is a community-oriented initiative that supports ground-up proposals for creative, sport-oriented activities centred around active lifestyles. Over the years, AEP has supported over 1,000 ground-up projects from individuals, schools, community and corporate partners.

This year, SportSG called for applications in April offering S$2 million in grants and approved more than 230 projects from the community. Singaporeans can look forward to a wide spectrum of exciting virtual activities which offers something for everyone to stay active and socially connected. Some projects have begun and for many, registration is still open for participation.

Here are some examples of activities under AEP, with more activities available in the Annex. For full listings, please visit

  • FMS@Home is a four-week programme for children with disabilities to develop fundamental movement skills (FMS) through fun and easy games at home. Designed by Yellow Marketing Pte Ltd, new games will be introduced weekly to develop habitual movements and build confidence. It also aims to inspire families and caregivers to explore new ways to enhance their child’s FMS development.

  • Nurture Kids @ GetActive! Singapore Obstacle Challenge is a nine-week programme, which aims to train and challenge preschoolers to overcome a set of obstacles and in the process, gain values of perseverance, sportsmanship and resilience. The programme can be conducted in school or at home under the supervision of teachers and parents.

  • Challenge 55 by Pink Apple Pte Ltd where participants may sign up as teams or individuals to clock in 55,000 and 5,500 steps respectively. Proceeds will be donated to Food from the Heart and its beneficiaries. Visit

Schools GASG Workout Competition 2020

As part of the National Day celebrations this year, students across the country will participate in SportSG’s inaugural Schools GASG Workout Competition 2020. Schools are encouraged to submit their best video entry of students doing the GASG workout and stand a chance to win prizes. The competition is open to all registered schools in Singapore including primary and secondary schools, madrasahs, international, private, special education schools and others.

GameOn NILA! E-spiration Fit for Life (EFL)

Currently in its pilot phase, EFL includes various virtual challenges that can be performed from home or at facilities such as schools or ActiveSG venues. More than 7,600 students from various schools and institutions across the country have come onboard thus far.

Mr Yeo Yew Yong, Head of Department for Physical Education at Nan Chiau High School, said, “It (EFL) is an innovative and fun way of engaging students and their family with challenges or workouts to stay active at home. It can also complement schools’ home-based learning and enable students to enjoy physical activities in a fun way.”

Teachers from Bowen Secondary School have also used EFL videos as part of their PE lessons to introduce variety to their classes, which have been well-received by students. Introducing Active Health elements on Sleep Better and Eat Better have also contributed to cultivating positive and healthy habits among students.

Beyond schools, the EFL will also reach out to other stakeholders such as community sports clubs and national sports associations. The initiative is open to Singapore residents who can sign up at

Pledges from the Heart In partnership with the National Day Parade Organising Committee and SGCares, SportSG hopes to unite Singaporeans under the Pledges from the Heart campaign, which aims to inspire Singaporeans to act in support of meaningful causes. The pledges revolve around the themes of staying united, helping those in need, active learning and building a sustainable future. Specific to sport are four pledges in support of:

Active Lifestyles: Pledge to be part of a national movement empowering Singaporeans to be more active and help build a healthier and stronger Singapore;

Vulnerable Groups: Pledge to join SportCares to inspire and enable children and youths-at-risk to overcome barriers, grow and be confident through sport;

Volunteerism: Pledge to join Team Nila as a volunteer to uplift Singapore and help promote a culture of giving through sport; and

Team Singapore: Pledge to post a message of support to our athletes as they remain committed to train hard and give back to the community as OneTeamSG.

Mr Lim reiterated that the values of sport such as perseverance and tenacity are critical in nation building. “Sport remains a positive and uniting force in empowering our community. It enables us to come together, to reap the benefits for physical and mental health and encourage one another in the journey. GASG 2020 celebrates our Singapore Spirit.”

Singaporeans may log on to to share their hopes and wishes for our country. We aim to garner 500,000 pledges and unite our citizens to come together as One Team Singapore.

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