Looking to pick up badminton? Learn the fundamentals of the sport with our coaches, from grips and basic shots, to footwork and workouts to help you on your journey.


Cycling is very easy to pick up, but do you know how to get the best out of this activity? Follow along with our coaches to find the best exercises and stretches!

Jump Rope

Nothing if ever out of fashion isn't it? Jumping rope is an easy way to improve your cardio and coordination!


Swimming is a fantastic way to maintain your fitness, while having a low impact on your back and joints.


Condition your body to go further with cardio regimens, build up your endurance with regimens specially created by our coaches.


Roll out your yoga mats and discover the moves to calm your mind. Find your centre with yoga for beginners, experienced practitioners, and everyone in between.


Looking to get the blood pumping? Then HIIT it! With a wide variety of sessions from a multitude of coaches, push your body to its limits with our HIIT regimens!


Exercise can come bit many forms, including self defense. Discover ways to utlise combat sports as a means to an active lifestyle with us!


Staying active is not just about sweating it out. Exercise can also be useful for maintaining your body, whether through stretches or low intensity workouts.

Weight Loss

It's the eternal struggle for many of us. Here, we have multiple ways to help you lose that weight, and keep it off!

Parents and Children

Whether you're an expecting mother, or parents with high energy kids, choose from the many videos we have to stay active, healthy and happy!

Seniors or Masters

Age gracefully with a wide range of activities! Take your pick from Yoga and Wushu, to Dance and HIIT!


Running? Circuits? HIIT? It get all get a little too intense sometimes. Why not have a bit of fun with sessions centred around dance? Groove to the music while also keeping active!


Pick up the basics of Singapore's national sport with simple tips from our coaches. Channel Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as your get started on your football journey.


From Crossfit, to simple easy-to-follow sessions, find a workout that suits your needs. Stay active and healthy!


Keeping active in your silver years doesn't need to be strenous. Maintain your body with daily low intensity activities and stretches.

National School Games 2022

Stay up to speed with the National School Games 2022 with live streams and match highlights, only here on Watch.

Click here to participate in a survey and share thoughts on your viewing experience too.

National School Games 2022 Stories

Stay up to speed with the National School Games 2022 with live streams and match highlights, only here on Watch

ActiveSG Cup 2022 Finals

ActiveSG Cup Finals. Get ready for the action as we bring you the games live on 19 and 20 March.


How to use barre techniques to improve mind body connection for running and tennis.

31st SEA Games 2021

Bold Speed

A mixture of calisthenics and cardiovascular training in the form of a run scattered with pit-stops where participants have to complete a series of calisthenics exercises

Men's World Floorball Championship Qualifications 2022

Women's Asia Oceania Floorball Confederation Cup

Coaching Masterclass

Catch Coaching Masterclass to see two master coaches in action as they give their own masterclass to beginners in the sport!

Combat Collection - Boxing

A wide variety of Combat Sports instructional & training videos suitable for anyone and everyone

Combat Collection - Fencing

A wide variety of Combat Sports instructional & training videos suitable for anyone and everyone

Combat Collection - Kickboxing

A wide variety of Combat Sports instructional & training videos suitable for anyone and everyone

Combat Collection - Silat

A wide variety of Combat Sports instructional & training videos suitable for anyone and everyone

Every Second Counts

Family Sportified

Focusing on family and sports, the series of videos will feature a variety of sports that families can partake together.


Learn what it takes to level up, build community, hold space for team mates and bring people together


Welcome to FitTrip! This is a video series about health & wellness topics that revolves around three branches of holistic health - mental, physical and nutritional. Catch local wellness coach, Melvin Lam, and his friends in this series as they share with you their tips and tricks on health & wellness!

Foundation of Movement

This is the Foundation of Movement video series where we explore the different events in the sport of Athletics and share with you how the athletes trains. We hope that through this series, you'll be able to take away some advise and learn how the basic movement skills learnt in athletics can help you improve your form & posture, and maybe even your training programmes for the recreational sportspeople out there.

From Beginner to Player in 10 Lessons for Kids

We believe in holistic life skills development, which is especially important during the childhood phase. Tennis is a great way for kids to gain positive experiences and learn valuable lessons in life. From Beginner to Player is a 10-video series that aims to impart the Modern Tennis Methodology to kids so that they can easily learn the fundamentals to start playing tennis right away.

Game Changers - Women in Sport

Featuring a select line up of strong, talented and passionate women, Game Changers: Women In Sport features conversations that aim to inspire and challenge stereotypes in the sporting industry.

Get Family Fit

Hosted by sports enthusiasts, this series will educate viewers about different sport activites that are becoming increasingly popular and show how it is readily available for many regardless of fitness and ability levels


Singapore’s Very Own, Internationally-Endorsed, Globally-Accredited Group Fitness Programme

Inside Singapores Sports Business

Inside Singapore’s Sports Business (ISSB) is a new digital content series about the sports industry in Singapore. ISSB comes in the format of a talk show, supported by on-site interviews at iconic sporting venues in Singapore, sports footage, as well as behind-the-scenes footage of sports events and facilities in Singapore.

Lets Go Lionesses

Singapore’s female football players and women in football unite to tell everyday stories of personal dedication and triumphs through training, freestyle football, and community engagement.

More Than A Swing

The capabilities of a good coach not only include badminton knowledge, but also good connections to resources,
keen observation of thoughts and emotions, and the ability to build up a community.

No Laughing Matter

Meet Singapore's stand-up comedian, Rishi Budhrani, in different sports trials. Can a comedian also be a Footballer, Boxer, Archer, Diver? See Rishi try different sports and overcomes challenges. Get up close and personal with Singapore's sportmen & olympians and special guests. Watch. Be inspired. Laugh.

One Strong With The Lions

One Strong With the Lions

Orang Singapura

Orang Singapura is an inspired animated series depicting Singapore’s sporting heroes from a bygone era, to the present day. It’s time we celebrate these remarkable individuals who have contributed immensely to our sporting heritage.

Singapore Slingers - An Inside Look

Singapura Boleh

The second programme focuses on the wider sports and fitness community, “Singapura Boleh” , featuring everyday personalities & influencers who want to learn from professional athletes. The themes of confidence, strength, fitness, resilience, mental health, and health are explored across all episodes.

Sports in the Heartlands

Sports in the Heartlands is a series that shows you all the different possibilities to get fit and healthy, that are right under your nose (or block!)

Stay in the Game

Stay in the Game goes behind-the-scenes of the industry’s seemingly decadent veneer, to explore various forms of training and healthcare routines employed by local professional gamers. In addition, those aspiring to break the habit of a sedentary lifestyle, will pick up some useful pointers along the way.

Stories from the Pontoon

Join Singapore's National Team for Dragon Boat as they give a first-hand look at the sport and what it takes to be a Dragon Boat athlete!

Taiji Quan Master Series

Enter the world of Chen-style Taiji Quan and strengthen your mind and body through this remarkable, multi-generational Chinese martial art. For all ages.

Tchoukball in Singapore

Have you ever heard of Tchoukball and wondered how it is played? Keep a lookout for our upcoming series as you find out more about Tchoukball in Singapore.

The Science of Sports

This is The Science of Sports video series. In this 10-episode series, we'll be exploring the different departments and what they have to share from the Singapore Sport Institute!

We got Game - Youth in Sport

In this series, we showcase some honest conversations with young athletes who have chosen the sports route and discuss how it has transformed their lives.

Women in Sport

Women In Sport is a video series that features inspiring Singaporean sportswomen to share their personal sports journey with host Naomi Yeo.

Zero to Hero

We take 3 ordinary people with dreams of learning a new sport.

Matched with National Athletes, coaches and experts, 6 weeks of training like a professional athlete. All to see if they can go from Zero to Hero

International Lifeguard Appreciation Day