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Dance Calisthenics Episode 3 - Booty & Full Body Flow

This Dance Calisthenics program designed to help you achieve your fitness goals with quick and effective workout exercises that target your bum and improves full body flow!


Dance Calisthenics Episode 1 - Warm Up, Upper Body & Core Exercises

Warm up with Aiden in this Dance Calisthenics program with exercises that target your upper body and core!

Dance Calisthenics Episode 2 - Leg & Back Exercises

If you are looking to be toned and fit with great body awareness, try this dance calisthenics program with exercises that target your leg and back!

Dance Calisthenics Episode 4 - Full Body Stretch

Get your entire body a full stretch workout in this dance calisthenics program!

Dance Calisthenics Bonus - Contemporary Dance Routine

Combine all the moves from the dance calisthenics program into this contemporary dance routine for a full body workout!