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Ep 2 - U.K Shyam

U.K. Shyam is quite simply the fastest man in Singapore.


Ep 1 - C. Kunalan

C. Kunalan the sprint legend whose national record stood for 33 years.

Ep 3 - Shanti Pereira

Shanti Pereira ends Singapore’s 42-year wait with gold in 200m sprint.

Ep 4 - Ang Peng Siong

Ang Peng Siong the ‘Flying Fish’ who became the world’s fastest swimmer.

Ep 5 - Joscelin Yeo

Joscelin Yeo the swim queen who struck SEA Games gold 40 times.

Ep 6 - Joseph Schooling

Joseph Schooling makes history winning Singapore’s maiden Olympic gold.

Ep 7 - Fandi Ahmad

Fandi Ahmad deserves every honour as Singapore football royalty.

Ep 8 - V.Sundramoorthy

V. Sundram Moorthy is gonna razzle-dazzle you.

Ep 9 - Hariss Harun

Hariss Harun leads the way as our Captain Fantastic.

Ep 10 - Adelene Wee

Adelene Wee is crowned world bowling champion.

Ep 11 - Lee Wung Yew

Lee Wung Yew guns for glory as Singapore’s top marksman.

Ep 12 - Tan Howe Liang

Tan Howe Liang is Singapore’s premier Olympic medallist.

Ep 13 - James Wong

James Wong dominates SEA Games discus for a decade.

Ep 14 - Loh Kean Yew

Loh Kean Yew becomes first Singaporean to win badminton world title.

Ep 15 - Sheik Alau'ddin

Sheik Alau’ddin the Silat King of Singapore.

Ep 16 - Mok Ying Ren

Mok Ying Ren wins Singapore’s maiden marathon gold.

Ep 17 - Sasha Christian

Sasha Christian is a prodigious wakeboarding phenomenon.

Ep 18 - 2008 Beijing Olympics Table-Tennis Team

2008 Singapore Women’s Table Tennis Team clinches Singapore’s first Olympic medal in 48 years.