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Ep 6 - There’s Room For You!

Is Dragon Boat for YOU? Get comfy as we meet some of the paddlers from dragon boat community teams in Singapore and hear what they have to say about the sport and the community!


Ep 1 - The Dragon Boat History

Know your dragon boat history. In this series, the National Team athletes retell the history of dragon boat and how it got it’s start in Singapore.

Ep 2 - Rules of Engagement

What entails in an exciting dragon boat race? Hear from the Dragon Boat National Team athletes!

Ep 3 - Crew Positions

Everyone has a part to play in a dragon boat. Learn the different roles and find out how everyone comes together–teamwork! Special thanks to the...

Ep 4 - Suit up!

Get comfy in a dragon boat! The National Team athletes share what gets them moving comfortably while paddling so that you too can suit up and be...

Ep 5 - Get Your Gears Prepped!

What do you need to equip yourself with for Dragon Boat? Learn the basics to get you ready for your first time paddling!

Ep 7 - Safety First!

Safety afoot! Before you even get onto a pontoon or anywhere near the water, here are some safety measures you’ll need to know!

Ep 8 - Get Started–Let’s Go!

Interested in giving dragonboat a try? Here’s how you can do it!

Ep 9 - Mark Your Calendars

It’s truly exciting to be a dragon boat paddler! As an athlete, competitions are plenty throughout the year. Here, the athletes share their...

Ep 10 - Racing Conduct

Just like other sports, there are rules that dragon boat athletes must adhere to. Here’s a quick peek at some of their experiences, explained!

Ep 11 - Survival of the Fittest

Every athlete has gone through a fitness journey. In this episode, the athletes share how they got ‘racing fit’!

Ep 12 - Our Nation’s Best

Take a deeper dive into the amazing effort and hard work that is put in by Singapore’s most elite paddlers. See how these Singaporeans athletes step...