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Family Fitness Episode 4 - Crawling & Jumping

Let fitness be a fun family bonding session with Uncle Sam today! This video features a full body workout that requires to crawl and jump your way to fitness.


Family Fitness Episode 1 - Memory & Coordination

Fitness doesn't have to be a drab affair. Bring your child with you in this fun family bonding session that not only provides a full body workout but...

Family Fitness Episode 2 - Reaction

Fitness time can be family time! Bring your child to this fun family bonding session that provides a workout and trains your child's reaction!

Family Fitness Episode 3 - Throwing

Throwing requires control and accuracy. Grab your child and some pillows and join Uncle Sam in this fun workout session today!

Family Fitness Episode 5 - Jumping & Balancing

Improve your jumping, coordination, and balance with your child in this fun and engaging family fitness session with Uncle Sam today!