Game Changers: Episode 1 Louise Khng - Former National Floorball Coach

Louise Khng is a former National Floorball Player, and former National Head Coach. She was named Coach of the Year at the Singapore Sports Awards 2020 — the first woman to clinch the award. We hear about her feelings on being the first woman to clinch the coach of the year awards, her experiences being a former national head coach, and what she’s learnt from the role. What is it like coaching the women’s team to victory, her philosophy on coaching, and how she encourages her team members to excel. We ask her about her journey through sport and what are some of the sacrifices and challenges she’s met along the way. We ask her to share her advice for someone who is looking at transitioning to a coaching career and what it takes to do that. 
Game Changers - Women in Sport
Featuring a select line up of strong, talented and passionate women, Game Changers: Women In Sport features conversations that aim to inspire and challenge stereotypes in the sporting industry.