Game Changers: Episode 4 Wang Shao-Ing - Women’s Rugby Head Coach, Rugby Official

Wang is a former Singapore national rugby player, current women's 7s coach, and was a judicial chair for Rugby World Cup 2019. She played a bit of table tennis and spent afternoons catching tadpoles and butterflies in school, but otherwise had very unathletic pursuits in her youth. While studying at King’s College in London, she thought she would pick up an English game. Wang Shao Ing has a very significant place on the world rugby stage and in a sport that is perceived to be more male dominated and male centric. We get her perspective on what stereotypes and stigma she has had to overcome and pushed past in her sport, and how her experiences in rugby has made her the person she is today. We want to understand what the sport has taught her and how it changed her as a person. What’s interesting also are the roles she pursued besides being a professional rugby player and the significance of that. Around the world, male rugby is still watched by spectators much more than women's rugby, even though women rugby teams around the world are making their mark. How does she feel this will change, and what are her hopes for women rugby in Singapore? What advice does she have for young women who want to play the sport but are afraid of the stereotypes involved for women in the sport?
Game Changers - Women in Sport
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