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Episode 3 - I’m Flipping Out (CrossFit)

Is high intensity workouts like Crossfit just a fad? Rishi finds out the tough way - watch as he flips tires and hopefully doesn't flip out in this episode.


Episode 1 - You Don’t Play Boxing (Boxing)

Who is The Chosen Wan? We put Rishi in a 3 round challenge in the ring. Special appearance by Syed Abdul Kadir, the only boxer to have represented...

Episode 2 - You Jump, I Jump (Diving)

Singapore sent a diving Olympian for the first time in Olympics 2020! Get up close and personal with our diving athlete, Freida and watch how Rishi...

Episode 4 - You See Me Rolling (In-Line Skating)

Skates or Blades? Or Both? Rishi skates around with head Coach Ryan & Team Sg athlete Lucas. Special appearance by Sharul Channa

Episode 5 - Don’t Look Down (Bouldering)

Rishi attempts to meet Shi Hui at the top of the rock wall as he tries his best to crawl his way up amongst the rocks in this episode featuring...

Episode 6 - Catch Me If You Can (Frisbee)

It’s not as easy as it looks. Turns out its more than just catching a flying saucer. Rishi takes on a frisbee challenge - will he get to catch it...

Episode 7 - Bend It Like Rishi (Football)

Rishi joins one of the S.League's team training - Young Lions. He is not young but he can look like a lion. Let's see if he fits in the team and can...

Episode 8 - Hey Soul Sisters (Archery)

Rishi hangs out with 2 sisters who can hit a bulls-eye. Can Rishi hit a bulls-eye under pressure?

Episode 9 - Time to Slack (Slacklining)

In this series finale, its nothing like the episode suggest - Rishi tries slacklining with Naufal Ali an enthusiast for 5 years. Joined by his fellow...