Singapore Slingers - An Inside Look: Ep 10 Slingers and the "Missed Season"

Episode 10 of Slingers-An Inside Look we will touch on previous episodes in the series and we will hear from Slingers player Desmond Oh as he reflects on all the extraordinary opportunities he has had with the Slingers and the personalities he has met over his 10-year career. Slingers owner Wee Siew Kim and SportSG's CEO Lim Teck Yin will discuss what the Slingers has meant to Singapore basketball and what the future holds for the Slingers.
Singapore Slingers - An Inside Look
A series that looks back to how the Singapore Slingers started, what they did in the past, who their players are off the court, what former players are now doing, how they became a fan favourite over the years, and what to look forward to in the future.