Episode 3 - Cheyenne Howard (Fitness Trainer) vs Jaarvis (Tiktok Influencer) - “Put Yourself First”

In this #SGFitness special episode, we get personal trainer Cheyenne Howard to square up against hilarious TikTok influencer Jaarvis as they both challenge, learn from each other, and discuss men’s mental health during the Covid period (and beyond) in this special episode. In the first challenge, both guys will talk about their “Cheat Meals”, and fitness goals, and proceed to participate in a Healthy Breakfast cooking challenge. Cheyenne will educate the public on the best meals to eat and prepare while in isolation or at home, while Jaarvis tries his best to whip up a healthy dish. In the second challenge, the two get down to the #SGFitness challenge, while encouraging the public to try some workouts on social media. From burpees, to pull ups –Cheyenne teaches the right “form” and posture for simple workouts to Jaarvis. In the third challenge, Jaarvis challenges Cheyenne to a hilarious TikTok dance with the winner being decided by fans on social media. Who will emerge victorious?
Singapura Boleh
The second programme focuses on the wider sports and fitness community, “Singapura Boleh” , featuring everyday personalities & influencers who want to learn from professional athletes. The themes of confidence, strength, fitness, resilience, mental health, and health are explored across all episodes.