Episode 4 - Terence Ong (Mr SG Universe Finalist) vs Ryan (Chef) - “Overcoming Your Insecurities”

In this special episode, we get fitness influencer, international freestyle footballer and Mr Singapore Universe 2020 finalist, Terence Ong, to share his tips. Formerly faced with obesity issues, Terence takes us through his journey of dedication, positivity, and personal triumphs as he shares tips on staying fit and being fit. In this special episode, we invite a guest- Ryan – a chef who also faces body image issues to join him on this journey of rediscovery and resilience. The three challenges covering food, fitness, fun wrap up the episode, as the two guests learn from each other.
Singapura Boleh
The second programme focuses on the wider sports and fitness community, “Singapura Boleh” , featuring everyday personalities & influencers who want to learn from professional athletes. The themes of confidence, strength, fitness, resilience, mental health, and health are explored across all episodes.