Episode 5 - Khad Mohd Shahrem (Silat Exponent) vs Amyrah Mustafa (Actress) - “Women of Honour: A Silat Special”

National silat exponent Khad Shahrem takes us through her journey, and pairs up with Amyrah Mustafa, an actress and silat practitioner as they both draw inspiration from one another. Over food, the two discuss overcoming mental challenges commonly faced by women, and share tips on how to feel good during times of distress. This episode is the first episode to be filmed on a boat. The three challenges covering food, fitness, fun takes on a different form “at sea”, as the two women are taken out of their element. Khad and Amyrah do a coordinated silat move and viewers are encouraged to try out their moves at home.
Singapura Boleh
The second programme focuses on the wider sports and fitness community, “Singapura Boleh” , featuring everyday personalities & influencers who want to learn from professional athletes. The themes of confidence, strength, fitness, resilience, mental health, and health are explored across all episodes.