Episode 6 - Adam Vine (Singapore Rugby Player) vs Sheikh Banafe (Rapper) - “All About Them Bars”

Music, arts, and sports often go hand in hand and in this episode, Singapore national rugby player Adam Vine links up with one of the nation’s young up and coming rappers Sheikh Banafe, as they both learn from each other and pick up lessons along the way. Sharing their Spotify playlists may be one thing – but how important is music to both in terms of self-expression, and improving moods before critical situations in sports? This episode’s three “Fs” – food, fitness, fun, will see the athlete discussing his favourite food with the rapper, and also the type of music that helps them. In the fitness challenge, the Adam teaches Sheikh how to do a few fitness drills (depending on sport), and they wrap it up by doing a TikTok challenge. Who said #SingaporetakBoleh?
Singapura Boleh
The second programme focuses on the wider sports and fitness community, “Singapura Boleh” , featuring everyday personalities & influencers who want to learn from professional athletes. The themes of confidence, strength, fitness, resilience, mental health, and health are explored across all episodes.