We got Game: Episode 1 Rushaimi Rifde and Jasmine Chew - Beyond Social Services Youth Leader Soccer Player and Beyond Social Services Community Worker

Rushaimi is part of a youth led sports group called the Outdoor Adventure Club (ODAC). In 2019, the team has planned several sports events to create new bonds and relationships with the youths in the neighbourhood. They also hope that these groups of youths will join the ODAC team when they are older. They have planned and organised events like Hiking in the Southern Ridges, Night Cycling and Amazing Race. Rushaimi was the main IC for the amazing race planning in 2019. He wanted to do an amazing race because the previous amazing race was done for the youth leaders, hence he and his team wanted to do a similar amazing race to include more youths and to create more relationships with the youths. Through this ODAC team, he learnt skills such as planning, how to write a proposal and also how to lead a group. Rushaimi was also a sweeper during the night cycling event, ensuring that the youths are safe during the event. Some of the younger youths who are participants of these events are inspired to be like the older youths, planning their own activities in their own community.
We got Game - Youth in Sport
In this series, we showcase some honest conversations with young athletes who have chosen the sports route and discuss how it has transformed their lives.