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Week 7 - Arm Sculpt Cardio

15-minute arm and shoulder workout. All you need is a mat and some light weights.


Week 1 - Standing Core & Cardio Barre

Standing core and cardio barre, all you need is a mat.

Week 2 - Arms Booty Blast

Arm and glute workout, with a pair of weights and a yoga mat.

Week 3 - Barre HIIT endurance training for more intense runs

Tabata is a 20-second high-intensity interval training workout followed by 10-second rest. It helps increase your heart rate to the point that it...

Week 4 - Ultimate Lunge Cardio Workout

15-minute ultimate lunge cardio to build on our lunges.

Week 5 - Outdoor Barre Low Intensity Interval Training Class

This next video is going to be an outdoor barre LiiT Class. LiiT stands for Low Intensity Interval Training and it is also known as Bootcamp. So,...

Week 6 - Midway Progression and Express Barre Workout

Midway progression review and a 30-minute express barre class.

Week 8 - Side Body Sculpt

Side body sculpt workout with lots of twists, and side crunches.

Week 9 - Quick Core Workout

Quick core workout with Jessica.

Week 10 - Preventing Injuries with Myofascial Release using Tennis Ball

Exercises to release the myofascial muscles using a tennis ball or a massage board.

Week 11 - Bounce with Arm Work

Bounce class with arm work. Get your weights ready!

Week 12 - Overall Performance Evaluation & Full Body Stretch

Final performance evaluation followed by a full body stretch. Before we begin, it's good to have yoga blocks and we're going to have a strap as well.