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Ep 3 - Run 3

Melanie is learning that there is more to running than she first thought, take a look at her progress and see what other tough training she is putting her body through.


Ep 1 - Run 1

Meet Melanie and her coaches, as she kick-starts her intensive six-week training program to become a better and faster runner. What will it take?

Ep 2 - Run 2

Go behind the scenes as we use the latest technology to test Melanie, and put her through her paces with her first hard training session.

Ep 4 - Run 4

It’s come down to the wire. After all of her intensive training will Melanie achieve her goal and be able to keep up with National Athlete Serena...

Ep 5 - Swim 1

Meet Charmaine and her coaches, as she kick-starts her intensive six-week training program to learn to swim. Is she in over her head?

Ep 6 - Swim 2

Charmaine is tested in and out of the pool to see how fit she is. She is put through her paces in the lab and attempts her first real swimming lesson.

Ep 7 - Swim 3

Swimming takes work out of the pool too. Natalie surprises Charmaine with a strength session in her home gym before she hits the pool again to check...

Ep 8 - Swim 4

Will Charmaine sink or swim? The time has come to see if she has got what it takes to become a swimmer as National Athlete Amanda Lim joins her in...

Ep 9 - Cycle 1

Meet Dr Alan and his coaches, as he embarks on an intensive six-week training program with the aim of becoming a cyclist. Will he be dedicated enough...

Ep 10 - Cycle 2

Dr Alan is a patient this time as he is assessed on his health, ahead of having his bike skills tested for the first time off the trainer and out on...

Ep 11 - Cycle 3

It’s time to get back to basics as Alan works on his strength, fitness and mobility. Will he be able to survive Natalie’s workout, or is it all too...

Ep 12 - Cycle 4

It’s all come down to this day and Dr Alan’s cycling time trial. Has he done enough training to match it with National athlete Calvin Sim, or will he...