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Ep 3 - Game On!

The two participants are competiting to win their first ever air rifle shooting competition!


Ep 1 - Safety First

Singapore Sport School's Air Rifle Coach Jia Rong talked about her experience as a coach, while national athletes from basketball and netball was...

Ep 2 - Practice Makes Perfect

Jun Yuan and Aquilah trying to shoot sited down and standing up, improving the accuracy and grouping rapidly.

Ep 4 - Introduction to Archery

National Coach Qing Liang introduces himself, and breifed the participants about safety rules and regulations, equipment, as well as different types...

Ep 5 - How to hit the X

Melvin and Jacqueline picked up the bow and tried archery the first time. After just one round of "zeroing", they are starting to hit the "10"s.

Ep 6 - Archery is a Mental Game

After practise rounds, both participants face the challenges of mental and physical fatigue. Who is going to win the challenge?