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Ep 2 - Fighting Games

We meet Singapore’s one, and to date, only Street Fighter world champion, Xian. He, along with fellow pro gamer Brandon, give us insights into the challenges of excelling in fighting games.


Ep 1 - Introduction to Esports

The classic media representation of an elite athlete embodies physical prowess built on a foundation of continual conditioning and fitness. Compare...

Ep 3 - Sports Simulation Games

In this episode, we meet some key individuals in the FIFA pro circuit, and find out how they strike a balance between gaming and keeping fit.

Ep 4 - Racing Simulation Games

We meet the Legion of Racers, a crew who are not only virtual racers, but primarily, actual race car and kart racers. Both mental and physical...

Ep 5 - Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games (MOBA)

The realm of MOBA games, in particular the likes of League of Legends and DOTA 2, is the pinnacle of esports. Learn how one of our top pro gamers...