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Episode 2 - Sari Marsden

How do we manage self-doubt and stress? Performance Coach Sari Marsden shares about the power of presence and authentic leadership.


Episode 1 - Quah Ting Wen

SEA Games gold medalist, Quah Ting Wen, shares what keeps her strong and focussed in the intense world of competitive swimming.

Episode 3 - Louise Khng

How do you build a team that can take on the world? Louise Khng, coached Singapore’s Floorball team to a SEA Games Gold for the consecutive year and...

Episode 4 - Men Softball

Can one team member elevate a national standard? Watch the Singapore National Men’s Softball Team recount the impact of individual choices in making...

Episode 5 - Sox

How did Singapore win her first Gold in women’s hockey? How do you bring a team to believe they can do the impossible?

Episode 6 - Saudi Tan

Does competition have to mean toxic individualism? Listen to how Women’s Powerlifting is changing the conversation of community and competition in...