Game Changers: Episode 2 Sophie Soon - Paralympian Swimmer

Sophie was diagnosed with cone rod dystrophy at the age of five, when her parents realised she was always holding objects close to her eyes. The condition leads to the loss of cone cells in the retina responsible for central and colour vision. She relies increasingly on memory and imagination to colour a rapidly fading world, but the bubbly teenager's optimism shines through - because in Sophie's world, there is no room for self-pity. Sophie will have so much to share on being a paralympian and her experiences in life and in the pool. We speak to her about her journey as a woman and a para athlete, and what challenges she’s had to overcome. Her narrative is particularly significant for young girls and boys with disabilities who are looking at how sport can be a significant source of strength for them. We want her to share her advice to any young person who might be afraid to pursue a sport because of their disability.
Game Changers - Women in Sport
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