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Week 8 - Total Core Burnout

15-minute total core burnout to engage your core muscles to improve your tennis game.


Week 1 - No Jumping Cardio

No jumping cardio segment for you today. All you need is a mat, and a stable support if you want to.

Week 2 - Express Full Body Barre Workout

Express 30 minute full body barre workout. All you need is a stable support, some light weights and a mat.

Week 3 - Total Arm Blitz

Arm sculpting with weights.

Week 4 - Shoulder Strengthening & Full Body Stretches

Upper body strengthening exercise and into deeper stretch.

Week 5 - Healthy Upper Back

Engaging your upper back muscles for a healthy upper back.

Week 6 - Ultimate Squat Cardio Workout

15-minute ultimate squat cardio workout.

Week 7 - Exercise Block Barre Stretches

Barre stretches with yoga block.

Week 9 - Back Body Sculpt

Back body sculpt to strengthen your back muscles and to also prevent any injury.

Week 10 - Get your heartbeat up Barre

Get your heartbeat up in this Barre HiiT exercise

Week 11 - Barre Bounce Workout for Endurance

Barre Bounce helps work the muscles in the legs, increases the endurance and strengthens your bones.

Week 12 - Performance Evaluation with Core & Stretch Barre Workout

Performance evaluation with quick core and stretch workout.